In-App Help Articles

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AppColl's in-app help widget allows the user to see support articles, videos, and job aids while remaining in the AppColl tab. To access In-App Help, click the question mark icon in the top-right corner of any screen. 


AppColl has over 350 articles in the Help Center, which can also be accessed at With the in-app help widget, users can search for any of the articles from the Help Center and read them within the widget window. If nothing is entered into the search box, AppColl's most popular articles will display first. In addition to help articles, users will also find links to the Community Forum, the Learning Center, and a place to submit tickets to AppColl's support team. 


Click on any article to open it in the widget. You can can adjust the size of the widget window or view the full article on the Help Center site with the “View Full Article” link. Use the back button to return to the previous page.