Verify that Task-Specific Email Reminders are Being Sent to Users

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If you are not sure whether a user is receiving task-specific email reminders, try the following:

1. Verify that emails are being sent by reviewing the Account Activity report. In the Reports module, select an activity report from the Report dropdown menu at the top of the window, such as "Account Activity - All." If emails are being sent, their entries will appear in the report's Description column. You can filter on this column for a specific reminder, using the Add Filters button in the left margin and typing in the activity in the text box, such as "Sent task reminder email to Alice Black," as in other modules.

2. Ask AppColl Support if emails are enabled for your account. Emails are normally disabled during the account setup and cleanup process to stop large and unhelpful emails from being sent to lots of users.

3. Verify that the correct email address is being used and enabled. In the Contacts module, open the user's contact record. Check that the email address listed is correct, then verify that "All reminders enabled" is selected in the Email Reminders area, in the right column.

4. Verify that the user is the owner of at least one open task. In the Tasks module, click the Add Filters button in the Change View section of the left column. Select "Owner" from the Column dropdown menu. If the user appears in the options box, she is an owner of a task. 

5. Verify that Email reminders are enabled for the task types that the user owns. In the Task module, click the Manage Task Types link in the Navigate section of the left margin, and then locate and click on the relevant Task Type. Locate the Email Reminders area of the Task Type page, and verify that the "Enable email reminders for this task type" checkbox is checked