One-Click Setup

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New customers can now utilize data from the USPTO and TSDR to import their matters into their account. Customers must first complete the USPTO sponsorship process, Next, AppColl will take over and automatically pull in all matters within the given USPTO account. AppColl can also pull in your trademarks from TSDR - you will just need to provide a list of any registrants or attorneys of record tied to your trademarks. Once this import is completed, you must update the Attorneys and Clients for the matters. Once Attorneys and Clients are updated, AppColl will generate all tasks.

The following steps outline the process in detail:

Step 1: Complete the USPTO sponsorship process:

Step 2: Let AppColl know your sponsorship is set up and provide a list of any registrants and attorneys of record for trademarks. AppColl will begin the import and inform you of completion. 

Step 3: Once the import is complete, the customer updates the Attorney and Client fields in each matter. To make things easier, attorneys are pulled in as “TBD Attorney”, and clients are pulled in as “TBD Client Customer Number” where Customer Number is the customer number pulled from your USPTO account. For trademarks, you will see “TBD Client”. You can use the bulk update feature to edit these fields quickly:

Step 4: Once you have finished updating Attorneys and Clients, inform AppColl Support. AppColl will generate all tasks for the matters. This must be done after you add attorneys and clients for tasks to be assigned accurately. 

Step 5: Double check the imported information, and you are good to go!