Bulk Edit Command

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The Bulk Edit command, available in the Tasks, Matters, Billing and Contacts modules, allows you to set a single field in multiple records to the same specified value all at once.

To execute a bulk edit command, select all of the records you wish to modify and click on the Bulk Edit button.

Important note: The bulk edit command allows a large number of changes to be made very quickly and easily. Please review your selections and options carefully before executing the command as the changes cannot be undone.

The Bulk Edit command is normally only available to account administrators. However, this command can be enabled for a non-administrator user by checking the appropriate box in that users permissions settings in the contacts module.

The basic process for bulk changing fields is as follows:

  1. Select all items in the list that you wish to change. You may want to filter items using the Change View section to accomplish this.
  2. Click on the Bulk Edit button.
  3. Search for the field you want to update and select it from the list.
  4. Enter new information what will be applied to the specified field for all selected records.
  5. Click on the Update button

Depending on the type of the field being changed, you may see different items in the Bulk Edit dialog box. For example, if the field is a simple text field, you will be give the option to prepend (add before), overwrite or append (add after) the new text to any text that exists in that field in the record.

If the field is a simple boolean true/false field, you will see the option to select true or false.


Date fields, number fields, and multi-select meta data fields such as products and technologies will also show different items in the box appropriate for that type of data.

Also note that it may not be possible to update some fields based on the data in the record. For example, you cannot update the GoodsAndServices field in a matter if the type of the matter is not "Trademark". In such cases, you will see an error message in the activity log.

When using the bulk edit command in the Matters module, extra options are available.

By selecting a matter from the Search Matters box you can load information from the field in the specified matter into the "New information" box. This allows you to quickly copy data from one field in a matter to the same field in multiple other matters.

If you wish to update all matters related to each selected matter, the click on the "Also update..." checkbox. This allows you to quickly update all members of a matter family with the same information in a specific field.

The view link opens another dialog box showing all matters that will be updated and the current value of the selected field for each matter. This helps you make sure you are updating matters correctly.