In-place Editing

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The in-place edit feature in AppColl allows you to quickly update fields in the Tasks, Matters, Billing and Contact modules directly from the main table. With this feature you can easily make changes to records without having to open the record. Additionally, you can in-place edit tasks from within a matter details page.

To perform an in-place edit, hover over a field in the main module table. The in-place edit icon (pencil) will appear in the right of the field if the field can be edited.

Please note that many fields cannot be edited in-place. For example, you cannot edit Matters module fields ("Matter.<field>") from the Tasks module even though they can be displayed in the table. You also cannot edit the FirstInventor field in the Matters module because it is generated automatically from the Inventors list. You cannot edit the Name field in the Contacts module because it is generated from the First, Middle and Last fields. To change the Name you will need to change those fields.

Click on the in-place edit icon to change the field. Some controls will appear to allow you to change the field. The type of the field (simple text, drop-down, Boolean etc.) determines the type of controls that appear.

Enter/select the new information for the field and click on  to save the changes or  to cancel.

You can also press the Escape key to abandon changes.

You can press the Tab key to save changes and move to the next in-place editable field. By setting up your filters and columns correctly you can quickly edit the same field in multiple records by repeatedly entering data and tabbing.

When clicking on the in-place edit icon, you may get a message saying the field cannot be edited. This can happen for several reasons. For example, someone may have the record open causing it to be locked. You may also be trying to edit a field that cannot be changed based on other data in the record. For example, you cannot change the GoodsAndServices field for a patent type matter.

Important note: 
changing a field using in-place editing may affect other fields that are shown in the table. The affected fields will not be updated until the page is refreshed. For example, changing the Units field in the Billing module, the updated ActualCost will not be shown in the table until the page is refreshed.

If you don't want to see little pencils popping up all the time In-place editing can be disabled from your profile page. Click on the "Disable in-place editing" checkbox and then Save.