Discussion comments for task details

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AppColl users now have the ability to comment on most records in AppColl.  This includes matters, tasks, billing items, invoices, contacts, and others. These comments are only visible to AppColl users that have permission to access the specific record.  Each comment has a date and username associated with it. You may add the discussions column to your summary view table and filter on those discussions. 

Where are they?

Comments are visible in the right pane of a record’s detail page (same location as history).  Just click the link titled “Show History/Comments”.


Click the “Add” button in the comments pane and a popup will appear to input your comment text. New lines are preserved in the comment.



Comments for modules other than matters and inventions can be edited by account admins or by the creator of the comment.  Click the pencil icon to edit your comment.


Account admins or comment creators can delete comments.  Click the trash can icon to delete a comment.  Once a comment is deleted it is GONE FOREVER

Enabling History for Comment Actions

You can add comment history events by going into your settings and checking the checkbox labeled “Comment Transactions Enabled” under the “General” tab.  This will cause history events to be created when a comment is added, edited, or deleted.  If the checkbox is disabled (default) there will not be any history tracking of comments.