Change Columns and Column Ordering in a Table

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You can add or remove columns (data fields) from most of the main tables in AppColl. 

       Click on the Columns link in the upper-right corner of the main page in any module (except the Prior Art module).

2.       In the pop-up window, in the Available Columns box on the left, click any column heading you would like to add to the table. Click on the Right Arrow button to move the column heading from the Available Columns box to the Columns Selected box, on the right. Likewise, select any column heading in the Columns Selected box and click the Left Arrow button to move the column heading to the Available Columns box.

3.       To change the order of columns, select a column heading in the Columns Selected box and then click on the up or down arrows to change the position of the column.

4.       Click the OK button.